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Korea’s Edutech Firm YAHO LAB Chosen for Singapore’s ‘EduSpaze’ Startup Program

The Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center (Jeonbuk CCEI) of Korea announced on the 12th that YAHO LAB, a participant in the ‘2023 K-Startup Center‘ program, has been selected for ‘EduSpaze,’ a government-backed overseas startup nurturing project in Singapore. EduSpaze’ is a program supported by the Singapore government aimed at bolstering social infrastructure through assistance to promising startups. It is managed by the Singaporean accelerator ‘Spaze Ventures.‘ This year’s project, now in its eighth iteration, was exclusively for Asian companies, with only six startups chosen.

Based in Vietnam, YAHO LAB has operated the ‘YAHO!’ platform since August 2022. This platform offers after-school tutoring and class matching services for children aged 3-14. Last year, it was recognized among the ‘TOP 50’ at ‘Startup Wheel,’ the largest startup competition in Asia, held in Vietnam, affirming its market competitiveness. Furthermore, the company has continued to grow, receiving seed investment from a domestic TIPS operator.

With this selection, YAHO LAB will receive approximately three months of support from ‘Spaze Ventures’ for investment fundraising and market entry acceleration programs, as part of the Singapore government’s investment. The company also aims to expand into the Southeast Asian market through collaborations with multinational corporations like Google. This opportunity will allow YAHO LAB to reposition itself from a child care tutor platform to a specialized education platform focusing on tutor and class matching, with plans to extend its services throughout Southeast Asia.

Kwon Youngwook, CEO of YAHO LAB, shared, “We operate with the vision of transforming the lives of parents and children in Southeast Asia.” He further expressed his ambition, stating, “Starting with Vietnam, we plan to widen our reach to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and across Southeast Asia, thereby contributing significantly to the prestige of K-startups.”


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