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  • 1. What is YAHO?
    YAHO! is an online platform that helps busy parents find a suitable and personalized tutor for their children to play with, assist them with homework, and provide in-person educational programs. We offer on-demand and in-home tutoring services.
  • 2. What age is eligible to use the service?
    YAHO! Play Care and Homework Care services are available for children aged 2-12. YAHO! Eye Level Program (Math and English included) is available for children aged 4-12.
  • 3. What’s the difference between babysitting and YAHO! services?
    YAHO! Tutor do not provide housework services such as cleaning, washing dishes, diaper changing, and bathing for infants and toddlers. Our services only include assisted-learning sessions through play and academic assistance.
  • 4. Where do you provide the service?
    We provide our services in the Ho Chi Minh/Hanoi area only. However, if our tutors are available, we also offer services in nearby areas such as Binh Duong and Dong Nai. Our YAHO! Planner will provide consultation for you. Contact us via Hotline TP.HCM (Zalo/ KakaoTalk): 0909.970.082 or Hotline TP.HN (Zalo/ KakaoTalk): 0934.450.981 for more information.
  • 5. Who are YAHO! tutors?
    YAHO! tutors are either students or graduates from prestigious universities, having undergone a rigorous 5-step verification process. This process includes (1) identity verification, (2) educational qualification checks, (3) criminal history checks, (4) individual interviews, and (5) mandatory YAHO training. These tutors are paired with children based on their personality, skills, and interests. Their primary role is to provide home-based companionship, focusing on play and assisting children with homework and learning. To maintain service quality, tutors also participate in ongoing training.
  • 6. How do parents entrust their children to YAHO! Tutor?
    Parents can supervise and accompany their kids during tutoring sessions to become familiar with the tutor. We ensure that all of our YAHO! Tutors go through a verification process, including background checks for education and criminal records.
  • 7. How does YAHO! verify Playtutors’ English proficiency?
    We utilize an AI testing system to provide a detailed result of a person's oral English skills, along with their language certificate.
  • 8. How does YAHO! ensure the quality of the playtutors?
    We provide a lot of assistance, including orientation, tips, guidance, and frequent training, to help Playtutors conduct their sessions before, during, and even after the session.
  • 9. How do I use YAHO!
    1. Start by downloading the YAHO! App on your phone here. 2. Register your account. 3. Specify your preferred time, date, and any specific requests. 4. Allow YAHO! planner 24 hours to match you with a suitable tutor. 5. Enjoy your first session with YAHO! for free. 6. Don't forget to check your YAHO! notes, where your tutor writes friendly observation notes.
  • 10. How long should the recommendation process take?
    The recommendation process should not take longer than 24 hours, but typically it can be done within 2-3 hours.
  • 11. How far in advance should parents book the services?
    Keep in mind that you can only book the service 24 hours in advance.
  • 12. What are some of most commonly asked activities?
    Play Care Service - Indoor Play (Reading books, board games, role-playing, crafting, and child-led free play) - Outdoor Play (Swimming assistance, playground activities, badminton, and soccer) - Pick-up and drop-off service (If no driving is required by YAHO! Tutor) * Many parents utilize our Play Care service to naturally introduce English to their children through their favorite activities. Homework Care Service - Subject-based homework assistance (Math, Science, English) - Support for online learning at home. ❌ Please note that our YAHO! tutors do not provide housework such as cleaning, dishwashing, or childcare such as diaper changing, bathing, etc.
  • 13. Is Play care service ​​considered childcare?
    ❌ Please note that our YAHO! tutors do not provide housework such as cleaning, dishwashing, or childcare such as diaper changing, bathing, etc.
  • 14. Can I book both Play Care service and Homework Care service?
    Sure. In the YAHO! App, simply select a few activities such as storytelling, origami, swimming, and then English and Math homework based on your requirements.
  • 15. How much do I have to pay for Play Care and Homework Care?
    ✅ Play Care and Combined (Play Care + Homework Care) sessions require a minimum of 2 hours, and Homework Care sessions require a minimum of 1 hour. 🧸 English Play Care: 200,000 VND per hour 🧸 Vietnamese Play Care: 150,000 VND per hour 📚 English Homework Care: 250,000 VND per hour 📚 Vietnamese Homework Care: 180,000 VND per hour ⭐️ Please note that all services will be conducted exclusively in the chosen language. 🔸Additional charges: - An extra 50,000 VND per hour will be charged for each additional child (up to 3 children). - An extra 50,000 VND per hour will be charged for Star Tutor Matching. 🔸Discount: - Long-hour bookings and bookings for 4 or more sessions receive a discount of 10-20%. - 30% discount on monthly bookings when parents book for a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • 16. Do you have any own curriculum?
    Sure. If you want to give your child a solid academic foundation from the age of 4, sign up here for our exclusive Eye Level education program in Vietnam.
  • 17. How much do I have to pay for Eye Level Program?
    - The Eye-Level English Program is priced at 900,000 VND per month. - The Eye-Level Math Program is priced at 900,000 VND per month. - The Eye-Level Math+ English combo program is priced at 1,600,000 VND per month. ⭐️ These prices include four in-home coaching sessions per subject and workbooks tailored to each student's level.
  • 18. What is Eye Level?
    Eye Level is a global personalized learning program that provides 30 minutes of 1:1 in-home coaching with booklets in Vietnam. The Eye Level program currently has 2.2 million students and is a verified and recognized program on a global scale. We provide two subjects which are Math and English for 4-year-olds to grade 5. Our program focuses on developing fundamental skills through the curriculum which makes children feel confident at school and love to learn, and building self-learning habits in children.
  • 19. What is Level Test?
    This level test is to ensure that we identify the correct starting point for each student to develop their own learning plan. The level test is completely free. Shall I help you to schedule?
  • 20. Can I do the Play Care/Homework Care session with my child's friend/brother/sister?
    Play Care/Homework Care sessions can have a maximum ratio of 1 tutor to 3 children, depending on the session request and age difference between the children. When registering for a session, parents should provide information about the child and any additional requests. YAHO! will recommend suitable tutor after determining the feasibility of the request. An additional charge of 50,000 VND per hour will be applied for each additional child.
  • 21. What if my kid was injured during the session?
    We have a wide range of manuals and guidance materials available to our tutors to help them navigate through a variety of cases. Additionally, we also have our YAHO! Planner for Tutors, which provides our tutors with comprehensive support and resources to ensure that they are equipped to handle any situation that may arise during their tutoring sessions.
  • 22. What do YAHO! Tutor and parents prepare?
    Our tutors will provide an activity plan and a list of materials for parents to prepare at home prior to the arrival of the tutors.
  • 23. Do you have any professional teachers like yoga instructor, art teacher, swimming instructor?
    We are currently collaborating with university students. However, we are planning to expand our collaborations to include professionals from various fields of education in order to offer a wide range of extracurricular programs and essential skills classes.
  • 24. What happens if parents encounter loss of valuable goods during the session?
    We will collaborate with parents to investigate the incident and work towards a mutual resolution.
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