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A leading South Korean EdTech business has brought the global Eye Level program directly to Vietnamese children's homes.

Updated: Apr 14

Eye Level, created by DAEKYO, Korea's leading education company for 47 years, is renowned for its quality and innovation. With the philosophy of "learning always at your child's level," it prioritizes understanding children's needs and guiding them effectively. As a global leader in self-directed learning, Eye Level places children at the center of all learning, allowing them to absorb knowledge at their own pace and fostering proactive learning with motivation and joy.

YAHO! is now DAEKYO's exclusive partner in Vietnam, providing weekly in-person in-home Eye Level Math and English lessons for children aged 4 to 12. We tailor an individualized Eye Level Math and English learning program for your child based on the level test results.

In addition, YAHO! is a platform that connects parents with verified tutors, offering Homework Care and Play Care services that assist children aged 2-12 with their homework or learn English through enjoyable activities such as reading, storytelling, chess, drawing, soccer, art, and so on, as requested by parents. YAHO! emerges as a promising EdTech startup entering Season 6's Shark Tank, bringing a new perspective to Vietnam's education:


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