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5 Fun English Learning Activities for Kids at Home this Summer

In today's globalized world, learning English has shifted from a "need" to a "must" for our children to comfortably traverse the worldwide society. Summer, a particular time, provides an excellent chance for children to smoothly combine their favorite activities with English study, resulting in delight and new experiences. Join YAHO! as we look at 5 innovative and effective English learning activities for kids at home this summer.

5 Hoạt động học tiếng Anh tại nhà thú vị cho bé trong mùa hè
1. "Discover the World: Unveiling English through Every Page"

Discover the world of English on each page of a book. You can choose age-appropriate English stories based on your child's interests and read with them every day. Practice English pronunciation of basic phrases from the book, and encourage your youngster to recreate the narrative from memory, so developing linguistic skills and creativity.

2. "Artistic Adventures: Learning English through Creative Activities"

Engage your child in artistic activities such as origami, painting, handicraft, piano, ukulele, and more at home. When supervised by someone with good English abilities, these activities create wonderful chances for vocabulary retention and English pronunciation practice. During these creative sessions, children absorb English while expressing themselves, creating their own masterpieces.

3. English Pronunciation Fun: Games and Songs

Mastering English pronunciation is crucial, and learning through games adds fun and effectiveness. Engage in activities like karaoke, singing and dancing along to melodies, or organize board games, role-playing, and chess to encourage children to practice concentration, patience, and pronunciation skills. This fosters confident and enjoyable English communication.

4. Learning English Through Play

Children have a natural desire to learn via play. Play leads to better cognitive and linguistic outcomes. Therefore, learning English through play, or simply through daily enjoyable activities, is the most effective way for children to absorb English between the ages of 2-12.

From swimming and soccer to grocery shopping, outdoor play, and riding... maintaining free talks with your child may be a fantastic way for them to learn English naturally while having fun.

For busy parents who lack the time and expertise to incorporate English into their everyday lives, YAHO!'s English Play Care service provides individualized English learning and play environments for children ages 2 to 12. Our tutors create activities that are personalized to your child's personality and interests, making English learning a joyful and insightful experience.

5. Introduce Children to English Step by Step through Personalized Interaction with Global Eye Level Program

Every child has unique abilities and perspectives. Parents, see through your child's lens with the Eye Level education method, following international standards.

To date, YAHO! is the sole provider in Vietnam offering a comprehensive education program: Eye Level Math and English, meeting US CCSS and UK National Curriculum, for children aged 4-12, through personalized one-on-one tutoring at home.

Cam kết hoàn tiền nếu bé không tiến bộ sau 6 tháng học tiếng Anh Eye Level với gia sư 1 kèm 1 tại nhà
YAHO offers one-on-one Eye Level English tutoring at home with a money-back guarantee if your child does not progress after six months.

YAHO! Tutors offer individualized one-on-one English curriculum at home to children ages 4 to 12, assuring a strong foundation in pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. With YAHO!'s Eye Level program, parents may bring the 'English center' home with confidence, knowing that if their kid does not develop after 6 months, they will receive a full refund (Only applies to Eye Level route registration for at least 6 months).

This summer, provide your child with a home-based English learning experience that meets international standards.

The world is changing swiftly. It's evident that children exposed to comprehensive English skills from elementary school will have an advantage in both academic and future career opportunities.

Combine fun English learning activities at home with YAHO! tutors, and your child's summer will be more enjoyable and rewarding than ever. Seize every opportunity to explore and develop English skills with YAHO!


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